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    Arts Department

    Psychology Department organised


    Psychology Department of SPDT College organised a student’s visit to Mental Hospital, Thane as a part of Abnormal Psychology Syllabus on 18. 12. 18. 

    The Supridentant of Social work Department of Mental Hospital was deputed to give an orientation to the students. Students interacted with patients of Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Drug Addicts, Depression, Dementia etc.  They also saw how electric shock is administered on patients. 

    Students learned a lot by interacting with patients, nurses and doctors.  This experience enriched their perception about Mental Disorders, Patients and the hard work of the hospital staff. 

    Such trips enrich the experience and general outlook of life of the students. 


                           Dr. Babita Sinha

                    Psychology Department





    The Psychology Department organised a presentation on 'Phobia'

    on 28th September, 2018.

    The TYBA students of Psychology Department presented a detailed presentation on an Anxiety Disorder-'PHOBIA'. This presentation was open for interested students from all streams. The aim of Psychology Department was to spread awareness about psychological problems, specifically Phobia, symptoms, causes and treatment. This presentation gained lots of interest and queries about Phobia. 


                                               Babita Sinha 

                              (Psychology Department )




     Report of the Event 'Phobia'



    21st July 2018

    Organised By: Geography Department


    Geography department proudly started their first departmental activity title as “GO GREEN PROGRAMME” on 21st July 2018. The Programme was totally conducted by TYBA students along the guidance of departmental faculties and head of the department.

    Totally seven groups has been taken participate in that activity. Some of the groups has been presented poster regarding their topic and some of the students showed their ppt.

    Group 1: Save Trees

    1. Nikita Tiwari
    2. RishikeshDukhande 
    3. RanjanaRajbhar

    Group 2: Environmental Degradation and measure to solve them

    1. DhyaniMunshi
    2. ShabanaShaikh

    Group3:  Save Trees and Save Life

    1. SanjanaVishwakarma
    2. Aisha Patel
    3. AnkitaTiwari

    Group 4: Don’t make trees rare, Keep them with care

    1. ShivaniBoywar
    2. AbhishekGawli

    Group 5: Trees are our Life

    1. Pratiksha
    2. Bhagyashree

    Group 6: Save Trees

    1. SnehaChavan
    2. ArtiYadav
    3. Shalet Lobo

    Group 7: Save Trees

    1. Sudhir Tame


    The Judge of the programme was Ms. Anita Jaiswal Assistant Prof.. Students were discussed about the Environmental problems due to deforestation and how to overcome from these problems. They gave some suggestion regarding the plantation of trees as well as some tips to save the trees. They also gave messages to the students said by DR. A.P.J Abdul Kalam that we should plant at least one tree on our birthday.

    The winners were felicitated with medal and certificate. Madam Principal Dr.Trishla Mehta and Vice principal Shah Sir also inspired and appreciate the students for their efforts.

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    HOD Geography






    Report of Go Green Programme

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