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    The members of the teaching staff of Degree College are hereby informed that the following Committee has been constituted for the academic year 2018-2019.  The Chairmen of concern Committees are requested to plan and start the activities of their respective Committees.

    Life Long Extension Activity:

    Dr. Nidhi Pundir                                                  : - Chairperson



    “Safe Commuters Safe Drive Campaign” Rally

    The Department Of Life Long Learning and Extension (DLLE) of Smt. Parmeshwaridevi Durgadutt Tibrewala Lions Juhu College (S.P.D.T) cordially organized a rally “Safe Commuters Safe Drive Campaign on 7th September 2018. The rally was conducted under the supervision of Dr.(Smt.) Nidhi Pundir(Program Officer of DLLE) and accompanied by other teachers. All the DLLE Volunteers had taken part in this rally. Around 10:30 am at S.P.D.T College all the DLLE volunteers, all the 08 classes of our college were assembled and they marched towards J.B Nagar. All the DLLE volunteers had made posters and colorful paper boats with social messages on Safe Commuters Safe Drive Campaign to aware the commuters. The DLLE volunteers carried and displayed posters and paper boats bearing safe drive slogans and also said out loudly slogans on “Safe Drive Safe Life”. They distributed paper boats to common commuters and also to those who were driving cars and auto rickshaws. Many people had appreciated our efforts by accepting our boats and accepting that they will always follow the traffic rules and drive safely. The DLLE volunteers and teachers enjoyed this rally very. Many people were made aware on the dangers of drinking and driving, speeding and traffic rules to be followed. DLLE volunteers properly used their skills and knowledge to create awareness among the people. By this way they were successful in closing the gap between the society and youth. This shows their enthusiasm and interest towards the rally. We have successfully conveyed the message on “Safe Commuters Safe Drive Campaign”.

    Thank You.

    Dr. Nidhi Pundir(Program Officer of DLLE)





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