Father of Library Science Dr.S R.Ranganathan

(Born August 9, 1892-1972)


Indian Librarian and Pioneer



“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”                                      Rabindranath Tagore


“Libraries are the Future of Reading”

                                                                  Courtney Milan


“Your Library is your paradise”

                                                          Desiderius Erasmus


“If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children”


Library Profile


The Library of Shri Rajasthani Sava Sangh’s Smt. Parmeshwaridevi Durgadutt Tibrewala Lions Juhu College of Arts, Commerce and Science is one of the state-of-the art libraries in the western suburbs of Mumbai & established with the establishment of college in 1986. The following members were served as librarian: 

  1. Ms. Nivedeeta Saha
  2. Smt. Kochrekar
  3. Shri Mahajan
  4. Smt. Anita D’souza /Quadros
  5. Dr. Rajesh Ananda Kamble (Current Liabrian)


The aim of the college is to provide education to lower strata of the society.  The College library is situated on the second floor of the college building B wing. The total area of the library is 1700 sq. ft. to accommodate 100 students and 15 Faculty members with separate reading room for boys and girls. 

We believe that the College library is the gateway to knowledge, provides a basic condition for life long learning, independent decision-making, and cultural development of the students and the teachers. Focusing upon the very important role of the library, our SPDT College Library has been growing steadily over the years. At present it has a rich qualitative collection of 19000 books, 61 CDs, Five kindle and NLIST online Database.  It subscribes to different 08 newspapers, 22 periodicals research journals and magazines.  

Library provides print and electronic resources for all academic and related activities of the students and staff, services for the retrieval and use of these resources and adequate infrastructure and spaces for their use. SPDT College library Automation is carried out with the help of ISLIM Software.The Library Follows Dewey Decimal Classification scheme for arrangement of Books.


The Ten Main Classes

000     Computer science, information & general works
100     Philosophy & psychology
200     Religion
300     Social sciences
400     Language
500     Science
600     Technology
700     Arts & recreation
800     Literature
900     History & geography

Library is fully computerized with latest technology ISLIM Library Software.  All the work of the library is done with help of this software to provide quick services to its members. In the era of Information Technology Library provides Five Kindles, Three computer terminals and four Internet point with Wi-Fi connectivity, facility to plug-in the laptop for the use of Teachers and students exclusively for the completion of their projects and research work, to search online journals, online books & offline make available for accessing databases, through OPAC (computerized catalogue) and Webopac and the network printer provides the facility to print the pages.  Bar coding for all books has been done. The students are being given computerized bar coded library cards.


Digitization of previous years question papers has been done & given access on college website under library option. Online journals & online books, webopac can also be access on website. Having established a user-friendly environment in the library the librarian along with other professionals and Semi professionals are managing the library with proficiency & effective library services.

SPDT College Library provides book-bank scheme facility to the students from economically backward, backward category for the needy and deserving students. Beside this it has services like references, circulars, bibliographies; inter library loan facility, current awareness etc. Library staff conducts the library orientation program for freshers to make them aware of library facilities and services. It arranges special books’ exhibitions on different occasion. Our library also provides open access to all our Students.


SPDT college library Future planning’s.

  • To give ‘Best Readers Award’ to the student who make the best possible use of library facilities.
  • To provide free Reading library Facility for Senior citizen.
  • Honour card– Top three rankers of under graduate and post graduate students are issued three textbooks of their choice for the academic year.
  • To provide Book‐Bank Scheme, Student’s Aid Fund Facilitywill be available to the deserving students. Under this scheme, a student can get books subject to availability for the whole academic year after applying in prescribed format.
  • Planning for Readers Club: Readers Club to promote reading habits among

Our SPDT College Library has gone a step ahead to make Library Portal with the help of website provider. SPDT College library portal is on website, which helps to get information about all relevant e-resources at one point. It provides the following library services:

  1. Web OPAC (Search SPDT Library Book online)
  2. N-LIST (Provide access to download 97000 e-books & 6000 e-journals)
  3. Kindle
  4. Newspaper Clipping
  5. Syllabus & Previous Exam Question Paper download.
  6. Library new arrival book list.
  7. Online Suggestion Box, Notices etc.
  8. Blog & Other useful link for students.

The College library remains open from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday except on Sundays and all public holidays as declared by the government of Maharashtra.

Library Commitee 2022-23  :VIEW

 Library Activities Planner 2018-2019

Sr. No

Date of Activities




7th August 2018

Calligraphy /Hand-writing competition


10th August, 2018

Librarian day


September 5th and 6th 2018

Book Exhibition  (Two days )


September 29th 2018

Library slogan day


15th October 2018

Vachan prerna Diwas


18th December 2018

Special Invite talk on Library


8th February 2018

Talk on Sahitya Academy


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