Grievance Redressal Committee

The College provides mechanism to students for redressing their grievances on academic and non-academic matters. To ensure equal justice to all students without bias or discrimination is the prime objective of the body. We also aim to uphold the dignity of the institution by promoting cordial  student - teacher relations

  • Grievance Redressal Cell is open to all students of our college for voicing their grievances regarding academic matters, financial matters, health services, library and other central services
  • The effective complaint management mechanism improves better stakeholder relationship and contentment
  • The students can directly convey their grievances to the committee members or they can drop the complaints in the Grievance Box. Grievance form is uploaded in the college website so the students can easily access the same.
  • The committee members pursue the grievances on regular interval and initiate redressal measures for the grievance.


Students Grievance redressal committee 2019-20

Dr. Trishla Mehta                       Chairperson

Dr. Nanda Indulkar                    Convenor

Ms. Pooja Soni                          Member


Click This Link  Application for Grievance redressal

Click Below for  Grievance Redressal Circular

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